The Art of Small Talk Coaching


It takes only a few seconds for someone to make up their mind about what type of person you are.  ‘The Art of Small Talk’ offers guidance on coaching and making a winning first impression each time you meet new people. It’s a great way to learn the secrets of first impression management, to learn the art of what to say and what not to say, and to learn how to start a memorable conversation with anyone, anytime.  

Who Will Benefit?

This course is for anyone looking to increase their ability to meet and greet new people and leave them impressed and with a positive impression of you wanting more.  Ideal for those in management, or those who have a lot of face-time with staff and clients in sales positions, customer service positions, or for those involved in training.  

What You Will Learn: 

A few of the things you will learn in the Art of Small Talk include the following:  

                  • An assessment of your own personal communication skills
                  • What “communications” is and the “3V effect”
                  • Small talk skills – the 3Vs (Verbal, Vocal, Visual)
                  • Why chit-chat is important   
                  • Finding your most appropriate voice (rhythm, speed, volume, intonation, etc.)
                  • How to make the first move in different social or business scenarios
                  • How to generate engaging conversation topics quickly and to go with the ‘flow’
                  • Small talk “helpers” – useful phrases to start a conversation
                  • How to choose the correct order of topics to discuss without offending others
                  • How to become an expert “active listener”
                  • How to ask great open-ended questions to create really interesting conversations
                  • How to use a “Small Talk Recording Sheet”
                  • What body language to use during the approach and the engagement of small talk

Program Components: 

In addition to the regular coaching program, optional guided exercises can be included such as the following:  

                  • An optional field trip (or more) to mix and meet the public
                  • A “first impression assessment”
                  • Using tools and reminders: (how are these key components of the program ‘optional’?
                  • The “golden rules” of first impression management
                  • Memorizing the 4 social gifts and using them in daily emails and interactions
                  • 7 fundamentals of a first impression
                  • Body Language for a positive first impression
                  • Ways to increase your “charisma quotient”
                  • Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for building instant rapport
                  • Practice role-playing sessions with diagnostic feedback
                  • Evaluation of personal image  

Required Investment in Time:  

The Art of Small Talk is a 12-hour program (not including the optional materials) divided into 8 weekly sections of 90 minutes. The program can be customized with you to address different schedules or coaching frequency.